The Gaza Transcripts

The research project ‘Architecture, Media and War: The Gaza Transcripts’ investigates the entanglement of war and the built environment in the Gaza Strip. Departing from preliminary studies and reflections on methods for recording urban events and producing testimony, the research engaged with the city of Beit Hanoun as a material witness to acute levels of destruction and asked it for its story.

While the development and widespread accessibility of activist imagery and their accelerated dissemination via social media brings new sites, sights and issues to an extended polity, the general blockade of the Gaza Strip, at present not just of goods but also of people, services and information, places further emphasis on the act of producing and sourcing data. New practices of treating and working with media – trawling through, looking at, decoding, interpreting, verifying, amplifying their messages and broadcasting them further – are called for.

The project sought to reconstruct the architectural events of war through an analysis of photographs, videos, social media streams, maps, plans, satellite imagery, aerial footage, institutional damage reports and human testimonies. The construction of a three-dimensional urban model acts as an optical device to locate and cross-reference these heterogenous media forms and provide a spatial, temporal and historical account of the war.

The following projects contain sensitive material. If you would like to view their contents, please contact

Nick Axel, Prof. Dr. Ines Weizman, Prof. Dr. Andreas Kästner, Prof. Dr. Eyal Weizman

2015 Researchers
Mila Atanasova, Ramiah L. Eshetu, Pol Foreman, Armin Fuchs, Johanna Glock, David Keogh, Dima Meiqari, Majd Mrad, Francisco Javier Rives Manresa, Athina Stefani

Eyal Weizman, Aaed Almasri, Ossama Hegazy, Shourideh C. Molavi, Avihai Stollar