Close-Up Constructivism

Approaching the 5th quarter of the Socgorod in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

Planned in 1927 by the constructivist architect Viktor Vesnin and constructed until 1932, the large-scale, socialist residential town close to the Dnieper dam was soon subject to the dramatic political turns of the 20th century: first the abandonment of Modernism in the Soviet Union (from 1932), then the German occupation (from 1941), the destructions during the liberation (1944), the historical postwar reconstruction and after all, an unbridled capitalism after the end of the Soviet Union (1991). Until today, Architecture and town planning of the Socgorod in Zaporizhzhia show clearly the ideological reshaping of the respective regime.

The exhibition shows research and analysis of the history of the Socgorod in Zaporizhzhia and documents in photographs, texts and interviews with experts and inhabitants of the 5th quarter the present situation.

Prof. Dr. Ines Weizman
Dr. Thomas Flierl
Vera Heinemann 

Vera Heinemann 

Elena Fiedler 
Julia Maria Simon 
Lea Koch 
Selina Müller 
Katharina Wittke 
Miriam Neßler

in Cooperation with 
Kharkiv International University of Construction and Architecture: 
Prof. Dr. Svitlana Smolenska
Holubova Yaroslava 
Anastasieva Hanna 
Lysak Liudmyla 
Yakimenko Anna 
Puzanova Maria 
Zaporizhzhia National University: 
Maiboroda Vitalina 
Ismailov Samir 

Thanks to
All inhabitants of the 5th quarter in Zaporizhzhia
Pavlo Kravchuk
Jenia Gubkina 
Art-gallery Barannik
Generalkonsulat der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Donezk/ Dienstsitz Dnipro
Hermann Henselmann Stiftung