Architectural Conflicts

  • Close-Up Constructivism

    Close-Up Constructivism

    Approaching the 5th quarter of the Socgorod in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine Planned in 1927 by the constructivist architect Viktor Vesnin and constructed until 1932, the large-scale, socialist residential town close to the Dnieper dam was soon subject to the dramatic political turns of the 20th century: first the abandonment of Modernism […]

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  • The Gaza Transcripts

    The Gaza Transcripts

    The research project ‘Architecture, Media and War: The Gaza Transcripts’ investigates the entanglement of war and the built environment in the Gaza Strip. Departing from preliminary studies and reflections on methods for recording urban events and producing testimony, the research engaged with the city of Beit Hanoun as a material […]

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